Top 5 True Crime / Mystery Podcasts

Täysin rintasyöpään liittymättä: jos podcastit kiinnostaa, niin tässä on viiden hyvän suosituksen lista. Aihepiiri saattaa tosin hiukan punttia tutisuttaa…

ForenSeek - Mysteries, Crimes, Curiosities

Podcasts provide a wonderful method for balancing the dreary routines of everyday life with a touch of something more interesting. I walk to work on most mornings, and use the time to listen to the latest episodes of my favorite podcasts. If the podcast is especially informative, a ten-minute commute can quickly be turned into a ten-minute educational session; you’ll be wiser when you arrive at your destination than you were when you left.

Having listened to true crime / mystery podcasts since around 2007, I think I have a pretty good idea of what’s worth listening to out there.

Here’s my top 5.


Thinking Sideways

This cast hits the perfect balance between funny and informative. The hosts are entertaining to listen to, and it’s clear the group do their research before pressing Play on the recorder. The trio have a great chemistry, and the exchange of thoughts and theories…

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